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2010 German Regional Edition Humidor

Only 250 individually numbered humidors containing a total of 50 regional edition cigars and including the following features -5 drawers, each with 5 Por Larranaga Robustos (4.9inches long with a 50 ring gauge,only 2000 numbered boxes of 25) and 5 Ramon Allones Belicosos (5.5inches long with a 52 ring gauge, only 2000 numbered boxes of 25)

  • Equipped with an electronic humidifier from Adorini "Cigar Heaven".

  • LC-Display

  • Variable ventilation openings

  • Acoustic signals at low battery level and low humidity

  • Bolivar Gran Belicoso

    This tenth volume is dedicated to the Bolívar brand, and contains 20 Gran Belicoso, a vitola made in a very special way for the occasion by a select group of experienced Cuban cigar rollers.

    With a blend that has carefully taken into consideration the complexity of richness that characterizes this brands flavour, these 20 Gran Belicoso are ideal for the most special of moments. All these Habanos have been made totally by hand with selected leaves from Vuelta Abajo plantations, the best tobacco region in Cuba, located in the province of Pinar del Rio.


    Cohiba Gran Reserva Siglo VI

    The concept of this cigar is to show the best of the best from Habanos!

    All the leaves used to make up the Gran Reserva (wrapper, filler and binder) were harvested in 2003 then selected, fermented and inspected for a period of five years.

    Finally laid in the skilful hands of Cohiba´s expert Cuban cigar-rollers at "El Laguito" factory in order to create this exquisite Havana, for only the most distinguished smokers. The emblematic vitola "Siglo VI" (girth 52 x 150mm length) has been chosen for the production of this first Habanos Gran Reserva.

    Cohiba Gran Reserva is a small exclusive production of only 5.000 numbered cases containing 15 Siglo VI each.

    As the first Gran Reserva of Habanos already this is becoming a must for collectors and investors !


    The 4,000 Cohiba Behike cigars will be sold in 40-unit containers – double-ringed and numbered from 1 to 4,000 – presented in 100 humidors made by the prestigious Paris-based company Elie Bleu.

    This is a unique humidor, for its design and its materials: Galuchat, or manta ray skin, one of the most luxurious materials in the history of decoration; black ebony, mother of pearl, sycamore, cedar and ox bone. In certification of its exclusive nature, humidors will include a plate with the humidor number (from 1 to 100) the Cohiba Behike lot number it contains, and the owner’s name.

    The careful selection and special care, the unique manufacturing process – all cigars have been hand-rolled by Norma, the most senior of the El Laguito cigar rollers – and the high quality production standards, give this Habano cigar unique characteristics.


    We are pleased to present the Partagás’ Ancient Humidor which is the result of the skilled hands of Cuban craftsmen. It’s a duplicate of a stunning and elegant humidor which was supposedly sold during the first decade of the 20th century, of which only 200 units will be produced enhancing the exclusivity that surrounds it. This humidor contains 50 cigars.


    The 50 Montecristo B in this humidor have been elaborated to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Compay Segundo’s birth, famed master of Cuban music and a faithful devotee to the brand Montecristo. This treasure is indeed a replica of an old humidor discontinued for over 30 years as well. Only 150 made.


    A special series made up by 500 humidors. Beautifully hand-crafted by the expert hands of Cuban artisans, this humidor is considered as a masterpiece. This Humidor contains 100 cigars.


    It is a "Unique Edition" that compilates the 10 Habanos that composed each one of the previous releases.

    Habanos, S.A. is pleased to present this Volume of the Colección Habanos 2011', of which only 1000 numbered units were made and will be distributed exclusively in the franchise network 'La Casa del Habano' worldwide.

    It has been called 'Obras Completas' because it contains 30 Habanos: 3 vitolas of each one of the former editions. These were exclusive for each volume and most of them were unique into the brand. All of them have been made 'Totalmente a mano con Tripa Larga'- Totally Handmade with Long Filler - by experienced Cuban cigar rollers with leaves coming from the best Vuelta Abajo(D.O.P. Protected Denomination of Origin) tobacco plantations in Pinar del Río(D.O.P) , Cuba. Those 10 special Habanos are:


    A replica of an ancient Ramón Allones Humidor, of which, only 350 numbered humidors handmade with precious woods have been produced. They are exclusively aimed at La Casa del Habano Franchise network.

    Imperiales is the name chosen for these majestic 50 Habanos that make up the Serie 2012 of the Replica of an Ancient Humidor production. A vitola -which is a Partagás 15 as a factory name- (48 ring gauge x 165 mm long) elegant and powerful, that makes it an ideal Habano for about one hour of smoking.


We attend and participate at international fairs and auctions and travel worldwide in search of products for the Emporium, so if you are looking for a special gift or want to add to your own private collection we can help source rare and unique items that you won’t find elsewhere.

2010 U.K. Regional Edition Punch Serie D'Oro Humidor

  • Only 100 numbered humidors made

  • 6 1/8" length and 52 ring gauge

  • Double banded

  • Each humidor contains 50 of the splendid UK exclusive regional edition first released in 2008

    The second release of the Serie D'Oro No.1 was manufactured at Havana's La Corona factory in March and April 2010

    Trinidad 40th Anniversary Humidor

    Made of cedar and majagua with its characteristic green colour, and reproducing the brand logo on the top made of precious Cuban woods, this case is a masterpiece that has resulted from the expert hands and great skill of Cuban craftsmen.

    Trinidad is characterized by its exclusivity and somehow became a brand chosen by those who wish to differentiate themselves from the rest.

    Having chosen a successful format very much appreciated by Habanos enthusiasts (ring gauge 52 x 150mm, Cañonazo) but with its characteristic pigtail, and a production limited to only 400 humidor cases, results in a very exclusive item for the devotees of the brand and its aromatic taste.

    San Cristobal O'Reilly

    O'Reilly is the special vitola created for the Habanos Collection 2009.

    The new size renders tribute to a street of la “Habana Vieja”, the most historic part of the city.

    This case is dedicated on this occasion to the San Cristóbal de la Habana brand. The vitola O´Reilly has been selected for this production of only 1000 exclusive cases with 20 cigars.


    Habanos S.A. presents three new vitolas within the San Cristóbal de la Habana usual size range, which will undoubtedly please the customer’s wishes all in a beautiful case made to commemorate the Fifth anniversary of the brand. ONLY 500 MADE. This Humidor contains 100 cigars.


    H. Upmann Humidor, which is the result of the skilled hands of Cuban craftsmen to commemorate the 160 anniversary of the brand. ONLY 460 MADE. This Humidor contains 100 cigars.


    Habanos S.A. takes pleasure in introducing the Montecristo Humidor, a true work of art that has resulted from the expert hands of skilled Cuban craftsmen. ONLY 700 MADE. This Humidor contains 100 cigars.


    A series of 510 numbered humidors is presented to celebrate the 510th anniversary of the arrival of tobacco to the Old World, when Christopher Columbus took with him to Europe the first tobacco plants he had seen after landing on the island of Cuba. This Humidor contains 100 cigars.


    The Habanos' lovers will soon have the chance to acquire a new and a very exclusive production for their enjoyment. The new cabinets are cedar made, the Cuaba´s emblem - carved by Cuban artisans- being added. They contain ten cigars: five Distinguidos and five Salomones.


    To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Cohiba, which is probably the most emblematic brand of cigar in the world, Habanos S.A. launches a special production of 500 numbered humidors. This Humidor contains 135 cigars.


    Presenting a replica of an ancient Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor, of which, only 350 cases have been produced.

    Maravillas No1, (55 ring gauge x 182 mm in the length) is the name of the vitola of 50 Habanos included inside this humidor. It is a vitola of magnificent dimensions, for great Habano enthusiasts who like large format vitolas and long smoking pleasure.

    These fifty Hoyo de Monterrey Maravillas No.1 have been made Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga -Totally handmade with long filler- from tobacco leaves grown in the plantations of Vuelta Abajo* zone, in Pinar del Río* region, Cuba, the most prestigious tobacco zone in the world. They have been produced by the hands of expert Cuban cigar rollers. The Maravillas No. 1 blend is a unique sample of the unmistakable Hoyo de Monterrey flavor, highly appreciated by those who seek a very aromatic lighter Habano taste, with great elegance and complexity.

    Montecristo Humidor, of which, only 350 cases will be produced

    50 Double Coronas will be housed inside this beautiful piece aimed at delighting Montecristo lovers. It is a "Unique Edition" that compilates the 10 Habanos that composed each one of the previous releases.


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