Cuban Cigar DVD

Cuban Cigar DVD
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While immensely informative on the subject, the movie is not simply about the cigar making process. It is also about the people behind the scenes. The individuals who grow and create those works of art we know as the Cuban cigar. The making of a fine cigar is, indeed, an art and this is shown clearly throughout the film. The back-breaking, painstaking, loving attention to a cigars evolution and creation is illustrated in stunning detail by the film. We get to know the people and process, feel the heat and humidity, and smell the heavenly aroma of fresh tobacco and cigar smoke. Yes, it makes you want a cigar, but it also makes you appreciate and think about them more while they are enjoyed. This movie has increased my cigar-smoking pleasure and I think it will yours, as well. Run Time: 50 minutes and 39 seconds Presented by: James Suckling Written and directed by: James Orr Executive Production by : James Suckling and Toby Brocklehurst
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